martedì 23 aprile 2019

Impossible to 'comprehend'. (Mis)understanding, and listening in psychoanalysis (video 2/8)

Comprehend derives from Latin comprehendere (“to grasp”), from the prefix com- + prehendere (“to seize”). It means to include, comprise; to contain, to grasp fully and thoroughly. However, the very idea of the unconscious implies that something escapes comprehension. Conversely, understand indicates...(continue in the video)

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giovedì 18 aprile 2019

Psychoanalysis is no theory of communication - (video 1/8)

The practice of psychoanalysis subverts the traditional schema of the theory of communication. Then, who is speaking? And how to listen in psychoanalysis?

An excerpt from my speech on "Ambiguity, Misunderstanding, and Listening in Psychoanalysis" - at the 'Lighthouse Psychological Wellbeing Centre', Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, 6 April 2019.  video 1/8

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Psychoanalysis is no theory of communication - (video 1/8)