mercoledì 31 agosto 2016


  • Fears of vomiting and seeing other vomiting: fantasy of becoming the subject, or the object of rejection

  • Repression cannot be repressed; not all can be put into places, there is a remainder. Vomiting indicates that the repressed is not the waste.

  • Fear of seeing others vomiting: fantasizing of (having no barriers protecting against) introjecting the other

  • Fear of vomiting: if refusing is (imagined as) impossible, then the refusal (what cannot be digested) comes back in the form of rejection

  • Fear of seeing others vomiting: fear of being invaded by the other. No barriers. The other cannot be refused: it must be introjected

  • Fear of seeing others vomiting: imagining of having no conrol over the rejection from the other.

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