mercoledì 31 agosto 2016


  • Mourning shows that nothing is dead and that things do not come to an end. Mourning indicates the immortal.

  • Mourning indicates the itinerary, or the process, rather than locations or destinations.

  • Avoidance of mourning leads to see things as dead or perishable: all can be damaged or contamined; all come to an end; places are dead.

  • Mourning shows that the death cannot be represented as the end. Mourning indicates the immortal psychoanalysis

  • In this interesting study, gamblers were described as having "unresolved issues, which in the current sample appeared to be exacerbated by the lack of opportunities for grieving, be it due to self-imposed standards, social expectations, or an overload of responsibilities". In particular, "several participants were found to have an inclination toward dismissing losses and/or minimizing the impact of losses". Even though the common sense would suggest that people gamble for winning, this research showed that "gambling outcomes were often found to be of little if any significance to the respondents, and winnings were frequently of minimal import or their value was short lived" and that "the main issue was not ignorance of gambling odds, but rather emotional struggles". Then, is gambling aiming at losing? Is the gambler repeating a (unresolved) loss?

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