mercoledì 31 agosto 2016


  • The term “gossip” has few origins. It used to indicate the group of a pregnant woman's female relatives and friends who gathered at her bedroom at the time of childbirth. Thus, it referred to a same-sex event. Same-sex, same-sexuality, meaning that the institution of the gossip does not recognize any difference. Gossip: “you” and “I” are on the same page. Essential for the gossip is that the two (or more) parties involved recognize themselves as similar and like-minded

  • Gossip is a sign of envy. Envy: the vision, the evil-eye. At the base of gossip is the (specular) image, thus the “I”

  • Gossip indicates a lack in the intellectual, cultural and scientific dimension. Gossip is the familiar and closed discourse. It is the common sense or common-place.

  • Gossip is knowledge about (and not “from”) the Other. Thus, gossip indicates one’s own fantasme

  • Gossip comes from God + sibb "relative" (e.g. sibling); the idea of belonging to the same group, the idea of bonding.

  • The gossip is a way for building a knowledge about the other; thus indicating that the Other is repressed

  • Gossip grounds on the idea that the “rapport sexuel” (see Lacan) is possible, the idea that we can do One with the other

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